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Homeless…  Emergency help needed please…

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I hope you will take the time to listen to my story. I am at my wits end just wanting to call life quits, because I just can’t take another blow.

I never had a lot growing up and came from a very abusive background.

Watching my mother being beaten on a regular basis by my stepfather and a brother not surviving much after birth due to the bruising he suffered while my mom was being kicked in the belly while being pregnant with him.

My stepfather often forced me to make him a steak dinner and then have me watch him eat it and tell me to dig through the garbage cans for dinner. The list could go on with the various abuses, but for time’s sake will stop here.

I rose above my circumstances and was one of two siblings to graduate from high school and the only one that put myself through college (in my mid 30s), graduating Summa Cum Laud with a 3.86 GPA, receiving many accolades and awards for my efforts.

Life still kept handing me blows, but I kept pressing on…

My student loans kept being sold to various organizations and even though I paid a couple of the smaller ones off…I kept noticing that every time they were being bought out, my loans kept doubling.

I could see where I was being charged for the same loan two or three times per semester and tried telling the financial institutions that these loan balances were duplicates. But they kept telling me that it wasn’t there problem. Ultimately they had my principle balance at roughly $133 thousand dollars, with interest at $42 thousand and administration fees of about $45 thousand, bringing my total loan about to roughly $220 thousand dollars. My loans when I graduated college were roughly $40 thousand dollars. So according the education department, for a communications degree with a minor in advertising and journalism, I am supposed to pay more than most doctors and attorneys for their degrees. This is crazy. I cannot get any help and basically having to pay for a loan that is almost 5 times what it started out to be. I can’t afford the payments.

I still pressed on…

I kept working and ultimately ended up getting a certificate in Interior Design and started to have a pretty successful career.

I finally was able to obtain one of my dreams, which was owning my first home. It was a little cracker box house that was no more than about $135 thousand dollars, but it was mine. I had so much fun decorating it and did such a nice Christmas display in my front yard that my neighbors looked forward to every year. Now that dream is gone.

Shortly after Hurricane Ike hit that devastated Galveston and the Houston area, my original home loan was bought out by another bank. They wanted to change my loan and charge me 3 times what I was supposed to be paying. The new laws state financial institutions can do this without our signature.

I hired an attorney; we found fraud, robo signing and other illegal activity and thought we had a strong case. We were informed that 100% of all homeowners in the Houston area who won their cases against wrongful foreclosures were overturned by the appellate court in New Orleans and the monies won were reversed. I sat and cried.

My home of 8 years was cruelly and ruthlessly taken from me. I suffered much abuse and received many threats from this institution to the point of suffering from severe depression, gaining a large amount of weight…losing most of my teeth and no way to get them fixed. Plus my blood pressure is through the roof!

Sadly, this caused me to lose most of my friends, my jobs and my family just left me bleeding and dying on the side of the road.

My two years of savings just swallowed up by the issues lasting longer than expected. My emotions were pretty much shot and found myself not being able to handle the smallest challenges without having a meltdown. But I pressed on…

I tried starting an online business with eBay in hopes to get some money coming in. I never wanted to stand on the street begging for money. I wanted to be productive. But not having a roof over my head made this hard to do. But I pressed on…

I had what I considered my dream car. A Kia Soul and it was loaded with an 8 speaker with a sub-woofer in the back stereo system, sunroof, fog lamps, speakers that glowed red to the beat of the music…etc. It got better gas mileage than any smaller car like my Toyota and Saturn ever received. 30-35 miles to the gallon in the city was the average. It was such a fun car to drive.

3 months after I purchased the car, I was involved in a 3 car collision that someone caused by talking on the cell phone. It left me with a messed up back that keeps me in pain. I had 3 months of therapy that never totally cured me. My attorney is still trying to get me some kind of personal injury settlement. But it could take years before I see any money. I still keep trying to press on, though it is painful.

After losing my home and being in the car accident, I was left sleeping on the streets with my dog Spencer. I almost lost him 3 times because of the heat. I was eaten up by mosquitoes. But I still try to keep going.

I even got a job at a summer camp working in the kitchen, trying to bring in a little cash. Though the pay was lousy it offered a roof over my head. It was run down and had no central air or heat and what they did have was old and barely worked. Rotten wood and lots of bugs were their décor. But it beat sleeping in the car.

They were abusive. Yelling and screaming at me, belittling me in front of others. I have never been treated like that by an employer in my life. Many others quit because they could not handle it anymore, but I stayed because it gave me a roof over my head.

They gave us very little time off and made you feel guilty if you tried to take a break to eat. The stress was so bad that it caused me to have a mild heart attack and then I was diagnosed with heart failure.

I imagine this was due to the infection in my teeth. The hospital gave me a medication that caused a severe reaction that placed me back in the hospital. Leaving me more medical bills I could not pay.

I lost the job and I am back on the street. Just crying so hard, because for the first time I don’t know what I am going to do…and the fight in me is pretty much gone, because life’s circumstances has beaten me down and I just can’t take it anymore. There is only so much one person can take…

And if all this was not bad enough…today…9/11 – the day America was attacked, I got my car repossessed. My dream car gone… I had put $6.000 of my hard earn money, believing I was going to be able to pay for it, but this accident, heart attack, and being homeless…just took away all my options.

I should be enjoying my upcoming retirement years in my home, not worrying about living behind a dumpster.

I built a life for myself. I was a successful designer. Received woman business of the year in 2008; was a ruby investor with the chamber of commerce; was a big sister and a Girl Scout leader. I tried to give back to the community and all life did was take everything I ever worked for right from under me in a cruel away.

I am sitting in this motel, with no means to do anything. A local small church paid for a week for me to stay here, but they can’t do much more.

I don’t want to stand on the street and beg. I want my life back. As I mentioned…for the first time in my life I have no clue how to get back on my feet.

I can’t do the jobs I once did. I do not want to stay in this position. But to get my life back and pay it forward. I want my car back. I want another home. I want new teeth so I won’t be an embarrassment and it won’t hurt to eat.

Having the car helped me get to where I needed to, so I could try to get help and get back on my feet. There are no bus systems around this area.

I don’t know where to turn and don’t know what to do. Local charities only help women with children. They say the government specifies they must help children first before they help single women.

I am 56 years old. I have high blood pressure. I used to have normal blood pressure before any of this started. My health was excellent and now I have heart failure. I just want to be happy again. I don’t have any one. Most have abandoned me.

I can’t take the pain anymore. I am even in danger of losing my personal possessions I have in storage in just a few days without a miracle. I have been through so much and need to find some way to get back on my feet again and give my little dog (Spencer) who has been with me for 13 years a good home again.

Well… Thanks for hearing my story.


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